Monday, January 7, 2013

Easing into 2013

Marsh Dreams I
colored pencil on Stonehenge paper
6.5 x 4.5 inches
©Ann Thompson Nemcosky

I have stayed away from this space long enough. The new year is well underway, light is slowly returning. Slowly.  During my break from blogging I resolved a few works and began others. Above is one that I had set aside some time ago. I decided that it was worth bringing to a conclusion.
Using up some leftover yarn, I am making crocheted containers for supplies. My new watercolors fit nicely in this little yarn basket.
 Of course those watercolors are being put to use as well. A new studio addition of a small clothesline is working well as a place to let paintings rest within view before I store them away for safe keeping.

Once the art is stored, there is the issue of just how best to keep track of it all. I have tried catalog numbering with lists in notebooks and/or charts and tables on my computer, yet I still manage to have works that slip through the cracks. I did some research and decided to give this system a try. So far, I am finding that Art Tracker has most of what I was hoping a system could do. It catalogs my art works, keeps things cross referenced by several criteria, and is straightforward to use. And the price was reasonable. The only element I find lacking is a place to record expenses. I know that is easily accomplished with any basic word processing program or even a paper and pencil, but having that information all in one place would be helpful.

I do need to keep things simple. I have a couple of nice opportunities coming along this year. And I intend to keep my Etsy shop going. However, I will be leaving the routine I had established for blog posts behind. I will still post regularly, with art work, sketches and photos, but without the schedule. This year I need to just let things happen as they will, when they do. To just be.

I hope your new year is off to a good start. What changes have you made to your routine?


Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Hi Ann! Great start to a new year. Love your crocheted containers! I must learn how to crochet - I see so many goodies that say yes to me.

I'm with you about letting things happen. Need some breathing time. Perhaps without the forced need to post and the guilt if it doesn't happen, the whole process will proceed with graceful intent.

So love your art, Ann! Have a blessed new year!

Jennifer Rose said...

hmm changes to my routine...draw more?? i need a clothesline like that to hang prints to dry, putting the drying screen up all the time takes up too much space :p

going to have to have a look at that program, need help keeping track of all the art

Teresa Mallen said...

I love your marsh scene Ann. I always admire your use of colour and this is no exception.

Your containers are lovely and so is your clothesline.

I was just thinking the other day about the year that you produced all of those oil paintings. It seems like you are choosing a different path this year. Keeping it simple is a wonderful goal!

My intention is to be in the studio a lot in 2013 and my word for the year is 'explore'. Congratulations on your upcoming 'nice opportunities'. I look forward to hearing more about them. Sending you heaps of best wishes for a very fruitful, creative year!!!!!

K said...

Good for you! You've put a lot of thought into your goals. You've been very busy the past few years and it might be a good time to step back a bit. As someone who took a year off, I fully support you (although a bit sad that just as I'm coming back on the scene, you won't be here as much).

Autumn Leaves said...

I love the studio space that I can see, Ann. And I love the piece you have shown. Wish I could figure out how to knit baskets. What a nice idea.

I've loved your blog since I found it! I'm just happy whenever you post a new work.

Ann said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!
Pam, yes. Exactly. Graceful intent. I like that!
Jennifer - the clothesline is proving to be a very low-tech space saver :-)
Thank you Teresa! "Explore" is perfect!
Krista - I'll still be working and posting, just not keeping any set schedule for posts like I had been doing. I needed to free myself from that. You'll be seeing me plenty :-)
Thanks Sherry! There's nothing special about my little room that I use for a studio these days. But I am feeling plenty of house envy just looking at your blog :-)


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