Monday, May 18, 2009

Celery today

Maybe I just had a taste for celery today. Or that it was cold (about 40 degrees) when we woke this morning and even though we saw the sun it barely reached 60 degrees today. Frost tonight. So I made chicken and dumplings for dinner. Just felt like it. But I needed some celery to cook with the chicken. Brown colored pencil and water color pencils in my journal.


Alex said...

Lovely one! I love the mix of yellow, green and blue, and in fact those are the colors I use the most at the moment. :) But you always have your ways to create balance with your colors Ann!
I am too excited about going home after a year of absence, my mind can't figure out what to pencil with the moment ^^

Jennifer Rose said...

really nice sketch :D the colours are perfect, you did a good job getting the celery to look shiny like it sometimes does :)

Mary Timme said...

I never think of using celery for a still life. I wonder why. We are sending you warm weather. We got it from CA so it may cool down and is sure to pick up moisture.

Ann said...

Mary,we'll take the warmer weather but please no more rain!
Thanks Jennifer!
Alex, I hope you don't stay away from drawing too long! And I will miss all of your encouraging comments while you are gone :)

freebird said...

Yum, chicken and dumplings! Your celery looks great. I like your marsh also. It's great to see how you do the stages. Where did you learn how to do this?


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