Monday, May 4, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays

This is a sketch from an old photo I had taken at of Bass Lake. Again, I used brown colored pencil and watercolor pencils in my journal. I am looking forward to getting out and doing some sketches like this on location, if it ever stops raining.

I did have a wonderful surprise today. As someone who can't have too many bags, look what arrived in the mail for me today! I ordered this bag from Etsy artist 'Doodlescoot'. She customized her usual hipster design for me to be just a little larger. And it's perfect. Because I usually choose dark or unassuming colors for myself, I decided that this time I wanted something bright and colorful for spring and summer. And that would be large enough not only for my usual purse items but also big enough to tuck in a paperback novel or a sketch book and a few sketching supplies. This bag has two ample pockets inside for my keys, cell phone, pens, and other small things plus plenty of room for everything else. Plus the strap is adjustable so I can wear it across or over my shoulder. I love the cheerful fabric and colors. My new bag's arrival really brightened up this soggy day for me.


Alex said...

Really nice drawing Ann! I hope someday the weather will be so good that it's impossible for you to go out and do some awesome drawings again.
The bag looks so cool! It's so earthy and colorful at the same time, and from what you wrote, it seems really really functional too. It's definitely a good purchase!

angeltreats said...

This is such a beautiful drawing, Ann. It looks so serene and peaceful and I like how you've used watercolour pencils but still left in some pencil line detail. Really love this.

Jennifer Rose said...

I love that bag! :D I have too many bags, actually one can never have too many bags lol

I really like your sketch. I always love seeing your sketches of water landscapes as you always do such a great job with all the various grasses and trees. Such simple lines but they show so much texture

MLewis said...

I love this sketch! We have some gorgeous reddish grasses/reeds here where I've moved to and I meant to get a picture of them. Your picture makes me want to go sit by a river.....
Mary (wandering through the edim blogs...)

Anonymous said...

I'm a serious "bag lady" and your new bag is really GREAT! Your drawing is really lovely...I ususally use a blue (prussian or indigo) pencil to draw with but may have to try a brown now!! deni........;)

Spinneretta said...

That is a beautiful drawing- reminds me of the coastal marshlands near Colonial Williamsburg :)
I too love bags- I have been wanting to make myself one that I can use to carry sketching stuff in for ages- I love the design of the one you picked :)

freebird said...

I woke up to gray skies here in Arizona. We've been having a lot of them lately and it's getting quite old. I know it's not like when I lived in Minnesota but come on sunshine.

This picture is very nice. Different from you colored pencil work but still your colors and style.

Great new bag. So it's got zippered pockets. Hmmm, I may have to take a look at her store. I love the fabrics on your bag.


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