Thursday, May 14, 2009

Growing things

Here's a little watercolor sketch of a basil plant waiting to be planted in our soon to be vegetable garden. Because of the short growing season up here in our mountains, we are still in the process of gathering plants and seeds, preparing our small space designated for vegetable growing. Frost is still possible, but much less likely by mid-May. The basil must go into the vegetable plot because there is a protective fence to keep the rabbits out. Of course, once the tomatoes ripen the chicken-wire fencing does nothing to stop our springer spaniel from reaching over and helping himself to a tomato here and there.


Jennifer Rose said...

your dog eats tomatoes? o.0 well ours ate oranges so not that odd I guess lol

your little basil plant look nice. the leaves are well done :)

Quilt Knit said...

Ann, I love your soft colored painting on Blue Bird Hill.
I have followed your blogs. I pop in a lot.
Not always time to leave notes.

I love the work. Thank you for following my EDM blog.
Sherrie Roberts

Alex said...

Hahaha... dog eating tomatoes ^^ That's so adorable!
Very nice water color painting!
Ann, I must say that your work has always been inspiring, and I was thinking if I am going to be doing any scenery/plants painting, then it has to be something that looks similar to yours. :) I am working on something floral, and thanks to you that I am actually drawing that other than faces all the time ^^

Teresa said...

Never heard of a tomato eating dog!

freebird said...

We have rabbits, ground squirrels, rats and then all the bugs. After that we have water that's too alkaline and the super Arizona sun. I gave up on a garden. I hope yours does very well. There's nothing like fresh herbs and vegetables.

Terri said...

Nice job on the sketch. We just planted our veggie garden this week too. That's funny your dog eats the tomatoes. I have a feeling Sophie and Lily will be stealing some veggies from over the fence as well. Thanks for the kind words you left on my blog too.

kazumiwannabe said...

Mmh, basil! You're lucky your dog doesn't know tomatoes taste better with basil... Neat painting! Love the beautiful little scenes below, too, with their rich colors.


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