Sunday, May 17, 2009


Another "Every Day in May" watercolor pencil sketch in my journal. This is a view just down the road from my house, from a photo taken early one morning, in late the summer. I love how the hay looks when they roll it up like that.

We are now past the half-way mark, with only 14 more days left in May. This has been an interesting exercise so far, creating something every day and posting here (almost) every day. Before I began this challenge I made myself a long list of potential ideas for creating something in my journal, in case I was at a loss for what to do on any given day. I have yet to consult the list. Instead of running out of ideas it seems this producing 'something' daily has generated more ideas for things I would like to try. I never would have guessed.


Owen said...

Ann, I was reflecting on the very same thing in my EDiM post as well.

Mary Timme said...

Somehow the act of creating leads to more desire to create, and I'm sure someone famous had said the same thing. I've found it true.

I once heard a story about dividing an art class in half. The prof said that the grade of each half would be either passing or failing when the work was judged by a panel of impartial people at the end of the semester. One half of the class was told to produce something every day. And at the end chose the very best piece to display. The other half of the class was told to chose what they determined was their very best piece of work at the end and they could discuss it and work on it as a group or chose someone who would be their master of workmanship. Either way each half must display their one piece at the end of the semester.

The first half of the class met for two weeks to determine who's displayed piece would stand for them all. The second half spent 6 weeks in discussion and the last 3 weeks fighting about which work would be their piece. The winner was the first half of the class. It seems that practice does wonders for the creative urge to go on and produce more.

I think that is what your post is about.

Alex said...

Another inspiring piece Ann! ^^ This type of drawing that's been driving me to do colored pencils drawings, and I love doing it(eventhough it's A LOT of work XD)
And I really need to spend my warmer colors too, and my guess is that I'll run out of green first since it's my favorite color :) Thank you so much for posting this, and thanks for your encouraging words on my drawings. I'm going back to Malaysia for a few weeks so posting would be hard for me. I'll try to keep working though ;)

Jennifer Rose said...

I too thought I would run out of ideas, but its more me running out of time to draw lol

Very light and sunny sketch :D Perfect thing to see on a grey rainy day like today

Anonymous said...

Gosh Ann - this reminds me of a September day in the UK countryside! Lovely sketch.

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Lovely, Ann!

I tried to email you, but for some reason my mail's not going through--most frustrating!

Margaret Ann said...

This takes me back also... to the late August countryside of Northern Illinois! Beautiful and gentle as alwyas Ann! :)

Lynn said...

What gorgeous sun-drenched colors! I agree, there are so many wonderful things in this world to draw. Here's to inspiration!


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