Friday, May 8, 2009


I thought I'd give my Moleskine a try with watercolor pencils. It was okay but I think I like the absorbency of the paper better. Kind of a ho-hum image, too.

Thanks to those who responded to my art history question in the last post. I am curious as I enjoy reading about artists and exploring various styles. So now I have discovered two artists I wasn't previously aware of, Ray Hendershot and Rosa Bonheur.

Ray Hendershot's watercolors are incredible, very photographic when viewed on the web. I would like to see one in person to get a better sense of how they were painted. Beautiful imagery in his pieces. And I can't believe I have never come across Rosa Bonheur! Back when I took Art History survey, we used a text that pretty much excluded women artists. Her painting The Horse Fair is amazing. She sounds like a fascinating artist to learn more about. Thanks for mentioning her, Jennifer!

Jennifer also mentioned Michelangelo's sculptures as a favorite. I was just reading about Michelangelo last night from the book, Painters on Painting, by Eric Protter. Reading this book is partly what inspired my art appreciation question! Anyway, it seems that someone suggested that painting was more 'noble' than sculpture. Michelangelo argued that "Suffice it to say that, since both emanate from one and the same intelligence, sculpture and painting can be made to live in harmony together, and give up so many lengthy arguments, for these arguments take up more time than the actual practice of both arts." So I'll leave you today with that.


Jennifer Rose said...

Never heard of Rosa Bonheur before?!? I'm shocked that the text used excluded women artist and saddened at the same time :( I've see the actual Horse Fair painting and it is wonderful in person! :D

People are always suggesting that painting is the better of the 2. I just can't understand why people can not except that they both come from the same thing. The desire to make art that speaks to people so its shouldn't matter how its made, just what it makes people think and feel.

Ann said...

Jennifer, it was around 1980 when I took my first art survey course! The text was Janson's History of Art which I recall at the time included Mary Cassatt and maybe O'Keeffe. Now I see where Janson is referenced as a source for the Wikipedia article on Bonheur. So thankfully a lot has changed since I studied art history!

Also, I wouldn't think the argument that painting is better than sculpture would still be around, but then I am not involved with sculpture like you are. However I was thinking that the same argument does exist between other media, like photography vs. painting, watercolor vs oil, and so on. And Michelangelo's response would still hold true, that they come from the same intelligence.

Mary Timme said...

I agree with you about your drawing. It is okay, but not up to your usual.

The art history was interesting. Like learning about different artists.

Spinneretta said...

I love Constable too- partly, I admit, because I stayed in the little house you can see at the side of his 'Hay Wain' picture :) It's a cottage at Flatford Mill (which he also painted) where I studied biology in a High School course. They also do art there ;)
I love yesterday's clouds and todays grapes are great too...

freebird said...

I think your grapes just need something to add to the page. They are lonly in that corner of your journal. Add your comments about them from your post here or some more pictures and fill the page or at least add to it with some background. You'll have a great journal page.

I've never studied art and artists so I couldn't really answer your question. I know I don't really like what I see of Rembrandt because it's so dark and formal. I prefer Picasso to him but not all his work. I know too few to offer a real idea.

Alex said...

Nice drawing! I have the same feeling about Moleskine sketchbook papers.. they are not thick enough. But I think the watercolor version would be just nice for the job. I've also been wonder about this Hand*Book people keep talking about. I simply can't find them here in Germany! >__<

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how different things appeal to different folks! I was attracted to your picture because of the way you laid it out on the page!! I liked the space.

Teresa said...

I bought my first Moley recently (after hearing them repeatedly extolled on various blogs and websites) and though I like it for sketching I don't think it takes watermedia very well. Will probably try another brand next time that will "do it all"!

Thanks for the discussion of favorite artists... was not familiar with Hendershot... visited his site and loved his paintings!


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