Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grassy Bald

More watercolor pencil play from an old photo taken while on a hike somewhere around here. They call these grassy mountaintops "grassy balds", and it seems no one really knows why some mountains in the Southern Appalachians are this way, while most are tree covered.


Gabrielle said...

Ooo, I really like this. The composition draws you in. I get a sense of the trees on the distant mountains, too.

I had heard that the grassy balds are that way because some mountains were more prone to lightning strikes and subsequent fires than others, so no trees could grow on those mountains. I have no idea why some mountains were struck more often than others though.

freebird said...

To go with the idea for grassy balds that Gabrielle mentioned, how about too much iron in those mountains? That might cause lightning to strike more and perhaps trees don't like iron. Just a thought.

Nice picture. Did you use the watercolor pencils on this?

Lynn said...

What a great name! I really like the sense of vast distance in this drawing. But my favorite part is lovely soft sky.


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